First Things First:

Accessing The Will to Succeed

Neck Practices

Breathing, ease of posture - ergonomics, improved alertness, relaxation:

UN International Day of Yoga – 21st June

Complete Upa Yoga video – if you found the video above interesting, the full video is available here:

Relaxation, Concentration:

Solfeggio 528hz – Easy Listening for being at ease, allowing clarity. Can be played at low volume in the background, while sleeping on studying:

Mind Training

2 basic tasks -

  • For Training Attention: see 1st exercise – contemplating an object for 5 minutes
  • For Enhancing your capacity for putting your ideas into action, see the exercise of giving yourself an instruction to carry out  


Jigsaw puzzles can aid concentration, focus attention, bring calm and clarity for ease of study. Whilst this is not a substitute for the physical version, students find them very useful.

Basics of Juggling:
Developing the ability to juggle assists with focus, attention, coordination, living in time, handling time, dealing with multiple ideas and perspectives without losing your starting point. 


For raising posture awareness - working at a computer:

Transforming your experience

Abraham Hicks talks are uplifting, easy listening with clear direction.